Fig Tree Bay – Cyprus

il_570xN.1046062735_2yhwCyprus is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited, the villages we went to are picturesque like the photos you sea on postcards.

On Thursday night, we set our alarm for 4:45am. At 4:50 we threw on some comfy clothes and drove to the beach to watch the sunrise. On leaving the apartment, the air outside was warm and humid like a sauna, the sky was a deep and mysterious shade of blue. As we walked to the car, we could hear crickets humming and birds singing in the trees.

On our drive to the beach, I connected my phone to the bluetooth music player and put on some Thievery Corporation. At dawn everywhere looked quiet and peaceful, for those 5 minutes it was as though we were the only two people in the whole of Protaras, Cyprus.

A small group of people emerged from a street corner; a few people making there way home from what may have been an extended night out. We saw one lady jogging, apparently just before sunrise is the best time to jog, at that time the temperature is considerably lower than it is for the rest of the day.

When we arrived at Fig Tree Bay we were the only ones there; just us, the sea, the sand and the sun.

We were both transfixed by the tranquil silence and how calming it felt to be besides the sea watching the sun gradually rising and warming the earth. I was mesmerized by the power and beauty of nature. We recorded the rising of the sun by photographing the stages.

The surface of the water was so calm we imagined ourselves walking on it and it brought an amazing feeling of peace and oneness with nature.

At Fig Tree Bay the sand is incredibly clean and bright. The turquoise water is clear, I love the way the surface of the sea dazzles like a jewel beneath the radiant sun shining high above.

I have been so inspired by this trip, I have made a watercolor  Map of Cyprus and created some Fine Art Prints of the Cyprus Map. If you would like to purchase my Cyprus inspired art you are welcome to visit my shop via this link>> Feel Good Gift Shop – Etsy

When you visit Cyprus go to Fig Tree Bay!  🙂



Best Home Decor Quote!

I found this brilliant quote about home decor on the stirringmyspicysoul blog it really sums up what home decor is for me;

“It isn’t about what is in the magazines, or what anyone is going to think when they walk through your door. It’s all about your taste and what you’re drawn to. Assembling a personal, warm and cozy environment is what it’s all about, because you live here.”


What are your thoughts on this?

Beautiful Pink Decor


Gorgeous Pink Home Decor

I curated this treasury of beautiful pink home decor accessories from exquisite Etsy Shops.

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