Teal and Turquoise Home Decor

Hello, I have just found some amazing items on Etsy, I had to share them with you. I curated the Etsy treasury below.

To be honest, there is so much talent on Etsy I was spoiled for choice. Etsy and Pinterest in general are my first port of call for inspiration when it comes to gifts, DIY and home decor projects. Etsy is a sea of inspiration ! The gorgeous steampunk clock featured above is from Etsy shop Chanchala

Etsy Turquoise Home Decor / Teal DecorWhich items do you like the most in this treasury? Feel free to comment below at the bottom.

Turquoise Home Decor / Teal Decor

I absolutely love turquoise and teal home decor accessories. Turquoise is fresh and vibrant, turquoise shades are invigorating, it adds a splash of personality to a room.

The soft and luxurious teal throw blanket and geometric print cushion would be a great addition to a neutral sofa. The teal Peacock Wall Art featured below is available as a Printable Poster Digital Download – Printable Art is great for quick room makeovers and DIY projects as they are affordable and you can print them from home!

Peacock Art Digital Download Printable Art Print Wall Art Wall Decor Home Decor Wall Hanging Peacock Print Peacock Decor Bird Art Teal Art

Alternatively, if you would like a Fine Art Print of museum quality,  The Peacocks Wall Art is also available as a professionally Printed Poster at Feel Good Gift Shop on Etsy.

Fine Art Print – Peacocks Print – Art Print Information:

The Fine Art Giclée Print  is a print of an original artwork. The design is printed using museum quality, Fine Art Trade Guild approved equipment, inks and paper – the results speak for themselves. The paper selected and the inks are archival quality and tests have shown colors last up to 70 to 80 years and in some cases a lot longer.

The print is available in various sizes.

*Please note the Fine Art Print is not framed – it comes unframed it is a printed and physically shipped art print.

Use as gifts for others or just hang up your new artwork in your own home or office!

For more unique Wall Art & Fine Art Prints visit Feel Good Gift Shop.

Check back soon for more interesting and unique home decor finds.

Thank You!



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